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Susan M. Voigt

Phone: (651) 209-6166
Fax: (651) 209-6160
Susan M. Voigt is a partner and has practiced health care law since 1982.  Ms. Voigt’s practice has a special emphasis in long-term care survey and compliance, accounts receivable and administrative litigation.  She also works with clients on… Read More
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April J. Boxeth

Phone: (651) 209-6167
Fax: (651) 209-6160
April J. Boxeth is a partner of Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin practicing in the area of nursing facility collections, conservator/guardian and probate law, senior housing and home care, hospice, civil litigation and general corporate matters.  M… Read More
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Robert F. Rodè

Phone: (651) 209-3206
Fax: (651) 209-6160
Robert F. Rodè is a partner and practices in the areas of health law, civil litigation, employment law, administrative law and construction law.  Mr. Rodè has a special emphasis on long-term care providers, home health agencies, rehabilitative age… Read More
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Rebecca K. Coffin

Phone: (651) 209-6119
Fax: (651) 209-6160
Rebecca K. Coffin is a Partner with the law firm of Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, practicing in health law including accounts receivable, regulatory compliance and HIPAA compliance.  Ms. Coffin represents providers on nursing home and home care… Read More
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Kelsey S. Nelson

Phone: (651) 209-6052
Fax: (651) 209-6160
Kelsey S. Nelson is an Associate with litigation experience in the areas of collections, evictions and general litigation. Ms. Nelson also practices in the areas of health care law, senior housing, regulatory compliance and accounts receivable. Ms. N… Read More
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Aaron M. Sagedahl

Phone: (651) 209-6164
Fax: (651) 209-6160
Aaron M. Sagedahl is an Associate Attorney at Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC practicing in the areas of collections, health care law, regulatory compliance and business formation.  Mr. Sagedahl advises clients in the areas of licensure, regu… Read More
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Stella L. French

Phone: (651) 209-6117
Fax: (651) 209-6160
Stella L. French is an attorney at Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC.   Ms. French has 25 years of regulatory background with the MN Department of Human Services and the MN Department of Health, and has experience in the areas of state and fed… Read More
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Ronnie Santana

Phone: 651-370-2566
Ronnie Santana is an Associate Attorney at Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC., and represents clients in the areas of collections, civil litigation, guardian/conservatorship law, probate administration, civil court, and regulatory compliance and… Read More
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Ryan D. Usher

Phone: 651-209-1363
Ryan D. Usher is an Associate Attorney at Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC, and represents clients in the areas of collections, civil litigation, employment law, contract drafting/review, data practices, and regulatory compliance and appeals. M… Read More
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